"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...." Matthew 28:19 HCSB
Friday, March 08, 2019

President's Page


From Bob Chambers:


I need to start by thanking David and Mary Lowery for their leadership over the last few years. Your dedication and hard work has been a great blessing to us all. Thank You!!!

It is indeed an honor for me to have my fellow Georgians express their confidence in me to lead our organization for the next two years. It is also a very humbling prospect because I know that without the Lord’s help and guidance and the support of my fellow Georgia Campers on Mission, there is no way I can fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

I also want to thank all those who have stepped up to fill our other leadership positions for the next two years. Charlie Soloman - Vice-President, Mary Lowrey – Treasurer, Carol Jones and Eleanor Whitfield – Co-Secretaries, Flinn Gregory – Chaplain, Donna Biggers and Sandy Caldwell – Public Relations, David Biggers and Gene Paulk – Project Coordinators, Sheila Soloman and Susan Paulk – Music Ministry. May God lead and bless as we work together for His Glory.

There are two objectives I would like to see us strive to achieve over the next months and years:

Objective 1 – I would like to see a heightened emphasis on the Gospel as we work together on the various tasks and projects we undertake. Our main goal as Campers on Mission is not to pound nails, put up buildings, paint walls, wash windows, do laundry, etc. Although all of these are much needed and honorable endeavors, if we do no more than the physical aspects of these activities, we are no different than secular organizations that provide these same services. Although these organizations do wonderful work serving mankind, because of the nature of who they are, they are unable to go beyond the physical. We also involve ourselves in these worthwhile activities and God has blessed us with many gifted men and women to do this work for His Glory, but I hope that as we move into the future, we will be looking for proactive ways to include the message of the Gospel in and around our activities. As our motto declares, we exist to “Share Christ as We Go”.

In these days, more than ever, we need a renewed emphasis on winning the lost to salvation through Christ. It’s sobering to think that 150,000 people die every day and most are going to Hell.

Objective 2 – We must all work together to grow our organization through proactive communication and enthusiastic recruiting. We can talk to Pastors and Associational Missionaries in our areas and let them know about Campers on Mission. We can distribute informational brochures and do presentations to various church leadership groups or congregations and at Associational functions or annual conferences.

Another thing we can do to promote Campers on Mission is to “Fly Our Colors”. We can display COM signs and stickers on our vehicles and wear our COM clothing to the store or to community functions or around camp grounds when we are vacationing.

There are many other ways we can work together to let folks know about Campers on Mission and about or goals, values and mission. We just need to be intentional about doing it regularly.

I am excited about the future of Georgia Campers on Mission and trust that you will be a vibrant part of our organization “As We Go - Sharing Christ”.